Download Full List of United States Cities CSV

As a digital marketer, especially for businesses that provide location based services that span across the United States, sometimes it can be an annoyance finding a list of every United States based city. Fortunately, Google has thought ahead and provides all this information and it spans across the globe so it is not restricted to just the United States.

In Google Developers’s Reference Data, there is a section called Geographical Targets that allows you to specify the Country Code and Target Type. In my scenario, the Country Code would be US and the Target Type would be City, but you can filter this out to provide data such as Airports, County, Districts, Regions, Universities and much more!

Once you have set your Geographical Target, you can download a CSV file and import it into Excel or Google Sheets for further data manipulation and filtering. For those who just want to download the CSV without using Google Developers, I have provided the CSV download below.

Download Full U.S. Cities CSV

Full List of United States Cities CSV