How to Find Out Competitors’ Website Traffic

Do you want to get a traffic estimate of your competitors? This would give you a broad understanding of where your website stands in contrast to your competition. It would also be beneficial to get a website traffic estimate for any websites you plan to enter an advertising or link exchange partnership. This would serve as a research tool to verify the traffic they are reporting to you.

Here are two websites that I recommend:

  1. Site Worth Traffic
  2. Similar Web

I ran a test across a series of websites where I have Google Analytics access and generally speaking, Site Worth Traffic reflected more accurately whereas Similar Web was more liberally. However, with a small fraction of the websites that I tested, the estimated traffic readings were way off on both sites so use these tools with a grain of salt.

I would also recommend cross referencing the traffic estimates with the website’s Alexa Rank. does not provide a traffic estimate but a ranking system in relation to other websites across the web where the higher the rank number, the more traffic they probably get. For example, if someone says their website gets 5 million a month but has an Alexa Rank of over 1 million, then you know they are full of it.

Similar Web

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Majestic SEO Review

Majestic SEO is a powerful back link analysis tool. Majestic SEO is in my plethora of go-to SEO tools when I take on an SEO project to do historical SEO research on their website and their competitors.


  • Easy to get overview idea of when your competitors’ were aggressive and passive with their back link campaigns with their Fresh Index, Historical Index, Normalized, Cumulative and Non-Cumulative views
  • Unlimited reporting and data for websites that you own once you are on subscription once you very the website
  • Outperforms Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Monitor Backlinks and Google Webmaster Tools in terms of the quantity of back links discovered
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow are neat proprietary metrics, although I do not know if I would put this above other metrics such as Domain Authority
  • Majestic SEO has a Google Chrome plugin called Majestic Backlink Analyzer that displays detailed SEO information on the website that you are visiting
  • Flexible and relatively affordable payment plans in comparison to Moz’s Open Site Explorer or


  • There is some overlap in the way they organize their data which makes it confusing. They have folders, buckets, downloads, advanced reports and standard reports
  • While the Historic Index contains a very thorough volume of data, most of this may create additional noise rather than insight. I have noticed on multiple occasions that a website without canonical tags get counted thousands of times, which technically is the website owner’s responsibility but regardless, the numbers do get inflated.
  • The way they present the data isn’t necessary the most user friendly so in order to sort through their data, often times, I find myself exporting the CSV file and then doing my own analysis in Excel


Majestic SEO is undeniably powerful and outperforms it’s competitors in terms of quantity of backlinks that it finds. The drawback is the UI is not as intuitive as it could be so analysing the data does take more time than I prefer.




Majestic SEO Review

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