Removing from DNSBL or RBL Blacklists

DNSBL or DNS Blackhole List and RBL or Realtime Blackhole List are great for the consumer but for businesses and marketers, it can be a huge headache—even if the email sending is legitimate and opt-in because they are going by IP reputation and domain name reputation (reverse IP). If you have a large mailing list (opted in) that has not seen the light of day for some time, this can trigger these DNSBL / RBL services such as Barracuda and Spamhaus.

What is DNSBL / RBL?

This is an email spam prevention effort that flags locations on the Internet that has a reputation of spamming. There are tons of providers but some of the more popular ones include Barracuda, Spamhaus, Protected Sky RBL and Invaluement. These DNSBL services create blacklists and the recipient ISPs will check with one or multiple DNSBL providers to see if the email will make it to the Inbox or not. If it is flagged as spam, it will enter a “black hole” and will not make it to the recipients Inbox or even Spam box. That’s correct. If it is flagged with a DNSBL provider, it may not even show up in the Spam box.

How to check if my domain or IP is blacklisted?

I recommend using MX Toolbox and the Multi RBL checker by

DNSBL and RBL Protection and White Listing

How do I remove myself from these blacklists?

There are tons of DNSBL / RBL providers and each of them has their own process to remove from their blacklist. I have included the links to remove from blacklist for some of the popular DNSBL / RBL providers that tend to be on the aggressive side with blacklisting.

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